Can-Am X3 4 Seat Roll Cage

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CanAm X3 4 Seat Roll Cage 

Introducing the Voodoo RR CanAm X3 4 Seater Roll Cage, a blend of ultimate safety, aesthetic enhancement, and innovation, designed specifically for your CanAm X3 4-seater model.

This roll cage is constructed from .120 wall DOM tubing, ensuring outstanding strength and durability. Its outer diameter of 1.75 inches is meticulously tailored to align seamlessly with the structure of your CanAm X3, making it an ideal safety accessory that not only fits flawlessly but also augments the visual appeal of your vehicle.

One of the distinctive features of the Voodoo RR Roll Cage is the removable dash bar. This addition is not just about enhancing safety; it also provides the flexibility of customization according to your needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for easy access to the vehicle interior or better accommodation of other accessories, the removable dash bar makes it possible.

Understanding the need for comfort alongside safety, our roll cage includes grab handles. These easy-to-reach, sturdy handles are designed to provide a secure hold for passengers during off-roading adventures, adding an extra layer of safety and confidence when navigating through tricky terrains.

Further enhancing its functionality and look, the Voodoo RR CanAm X3 4 Seater Roll Cage comes with an included aluminum roof. This high-quality, lightweight roof adds an extra layer of protection against elements, all while giving your CanAm X3 a sleek and stylish appearance.

The roll cage also incorporates three whip/flag tabs, giving you the flexibility to showcase your flags or lighted whips with ease. These tabs are designed to secure your flags or whips firmly, ensuring they stay intact even in challenging off-roading scenarios.

With the Voodoo RR CanAm X3 4 Seater Roll Cage, you can experience an enhanced off-roading adventure in terms of safety, comfort, and style. The roll cage is not just a safety accessory, but a holistic upgrade that brings together durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Make the Voodoo RR CanAm X3 4 Seater Roll Cage a part of your off-roading arsenal today, and experience a difference in your adventures.

All of VooDoo's roll cages are made from .120 wall DOM tubing and handcrafted with the finest precision. These cages are built so toughly that you could roll with them, put your machine back on it's wheels, and keep riding. 


  • fits Can-Am X3 4 Seater
  • .120 wall DOM tubing /  OD 1.75
  • includes removable dash bar
  • includes grab handles
  • includes aluminum roof
  • includes 3 whip/flag tabs
  • Part# CANX341005

These cages are built to order. Build generally takes 4-6 weeks depending on options. 

***We DO NOT Ship Powder Coated Cages*** Do to the high probability of finishes getting damged during shipping we can only ship raw cages.

***No Residential Shipping*** Do to the size of the cages and the size of the skids that they ship on on we can only ship to comercial addresses with a forklift or loading dock.

Flat rate freight shipping starts at $750 per cage, see shipping policy for details. Or will call from our Hurricane, UT location.