Maverick R Desert Roll Cage

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VooDooRR Desert Style Rollcage For The 2024+ CanAm Maverick R 2 Seater 

At VooDoo, anticipation meets innovation, and once again, we has surpassed expectations. Introducing the stellar and unparalleled cage for the Maverick R! This isn't just another roll cage - it's a statement of strength, safety, and sophistication. Crafted meticulously using .120 wall DOM tubing, this rollcage stands as a towering testament to quality, transcending the standard offerings of the factory CanAm Maverick cage.

Riders can opt for our classic roof or elevate the look and functionality with our avant-garde cowl roof. Those envisioning a windswept journey with a windshield on their Maverick R, the cowl roof is indispensable. Every cage boasts quintessential features such as a robust roof, whip tabs, and ergonomically designed grab handles.

Perfectly tailored for the 2024+ CanAm Maverick R 2 Seater, this cage isn't just about protection - it's a revolution in design and durability. 

So, why does one need an aftermarket roll cage?

The answer is unequivocal: For unparalleled protection. Even the high-end Mavericks, with their lofty price tags, come equipped with stock roll cages that unfortunately don't measure up to the raw power and vigor of these formidable machines. VooDoo roll cages, constructed from robust .120 wall DOM materials, are not just superior; they are a class apart. In stark contrast, the factory roll cages, with a mere .063 thickness, pale in comparison.

Every rider deserves peace of mind, knowing they are guarded by the best. Settling for less, especially when it concerns safety, is not an option. It's time to make a statement, to prioritize well-being, and to champion durability. Don't just opt for safety; demand excellence. Upgrade to a VooDoo cage and let every ride be a testament to un-compromised safety. At VooDoo, the message is clear: It's more than a ride; it's a pledge to safety. With VooDoo, one doesn't just ride; they ride with confidence.

A+ Pillar Extension Option

We build our Desert cage to be as strong as possible! As the standard option, the A+ pillar will stop about mid door.  Our A+ pillar on this cage no only looks great but it can add some significant strength to the roll cage.  If you would like to have your A+ pillar mount to the chassis of your machine, be sure to check the box marked A+ Pillar Extension and we will include tubing and a quick connect that you can weld to your chassis and complete the A+ pillar.  THIS WILL REQUIRE YOU TO WELD TO YOUR MACHINE!

Roof and windshield upgrades

With any of our Maverick rollcages, you have the option to add a windshield or our cowl roof.  The cowl roof can be added on its own but if you want to use our windshield you must purchase the cowl roof as well. This ensures that enough airflow will make it to the factory intercooler scoop inside the cab. 


  • .120 wall DOM tubing
  • includes aluminum roof
  • includes 3 whip/flag tabs
  • Includes A+ Pillar
  • Single Intrusion Bar