Polaris RZR Pro R 4-Seat "DESERT" Style Roll Cage

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VooDoo Desert Style Roll Cage For Polaris PRO R 4 Seater 

Transform your off-roading ventures with VooDoo's Desert Style PRO R Roll Cage, specifically tailored for the Polaris Pro R 4-Seat. This roll cage combines unparalleled strength, precise craftsmanship, and daring style, standing as your top pick for exhilarating desert escapades.

Each VooDoo PRO R roll cage is built around the robust .120 wall DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) tubing, celebrated for its outstanding strength and reliable dimensional stability. The tubing, having an external diameter of 1.75", serves as the tough backbone of the roll cage, empowering it to resist intense stress and impacts. In case your vehicle topples over, this durable construction facilitates an easy return to its wheels, allowing you to promptly continue your journey.

Every VooDoo PRO R roll cage is a unique piece of art, meticulously handcrafted. Our expert artisans assemble each cage with fine attention to detail, ensuring the superior quality and performance that is expected of our products.

The distinguishing factor of this Desert Style PRO R Roll Cage is its innovative A+ pillar design. In contrast to most aftermarket cages, this roll cage integrates an extra reinforcement to the A pillar. This forward-thinking design amplifies the strength of the A pillar, boosting the overall safety for the driver. This heightened layer of protection becomes particularly important when navigating the unpredictable terrains of the desert.

Beyond serving as a crucial safety feature, this roll cage makes a bold style statement that sets your Polaris Pro R apart. Its unique desert-style design not only amplifies your vehicle's aesthetic appeal but also manifests your passion for high-octane desert racing.

The roll cage package also features an intrusion bar, providing an additional layer of protection against potential dangers, thus ensuring your safety during heart-racing rides.

Included in the package is a lightweight but solid aluminum roof. This protective shield safeguards you from the harsh desert sun, dust, and other environmental factors, ensuring a comfortable ride in any condition.

Additionally, the roll cage comes equipped with three whip/flag tabs. These secure mounting points facilitate the attachment of safety flags or whips, enhancing your vehicle's visibility in group expeditions or races, contributing to overall safety.

In conclusion, the VooDoo Desert Style Roll Cage personifies resilience, precision, and flair. It's your supreme ally for high-speed desert voyages, promising not only your safety but also raising your style quotient on the sands.


  • Fits Polaris Pro R 4-Seater
  • .120 wall DOM tubing /  OD 1.75
  • includes intrusion bar
  • includes aluminum roof
  • includes 3 whip/flag tabs
  • Part# RZRRD41022

These cages are built to order. Build generally takes 4-6 weeks depending on options. 

***We DO NOT Ship Powder Coated Cages*** Do to the high probability of finishes getting damged during shipping we can only ship raw cages.

***No Residential Shipping*** Do to the size of the cages and the size of the skids that they ship on on we can only ship to comercial addresses with a forklift or loading dock.

Flat rate freight shipping starts at $750 per cage, see shipping policy for details. Or will call from our Hurricane, UT location.