Polaris RZR XP 1000, XP Turbo & Turbo S 4-Seat "FASTBACK" Roll Cage

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VooDoo FastBack Roll Cage For Polaris Xp1000, XP turbo & Turbo S 4 Seater 

Step up your off-roading game with VooDoo's RZR Roll Cage, custom-made for the Polaris Xp1000, Xp Turbo and Turbo S 4-Seat. This roll cage combines unmatched strength, precision engineering, and a bold aesthetic, making it the ultimate choice for adrenaline-filled desert expeditions.

At the core of every VooDoo roll cage lies the exceptional .120 wall DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) tubing, renowned for its unparalleled strength and consistent dimensional stability. With an external diameter of 1.75", the tubing forms a sturdy framework for the roll cage, providing a robust resistance to severe shocks and impacts. Should your vehicle flip, the rugged construction ensures it can be easily righted, allowing your adventure to continue uninterrupted.

Each VooDoo roll cage is a work of art, hand-assembled with the utmost precision. Our skilled artisans painstakingly construct each cage, paying attention to the minutest detail, ensuring peak quality and performance.

Beyond being a mere safety feature, this roll cage embodies a daring style that differentiates your Polaris RZR. Its unique desert-inspired design not only enhances the visual appeal of your vehicle but also reflects your passion for high-speed desert racing.

The roll cage package also comes with an intrusion bar, offering an added layer of protection against potential risks, ensuring your safety during exhilarating rides.

Included in the package is a durable yet lightweight aluminum roof. This provides protection against the scorching desert sun, dust, and other environmental elements, promising a comfortable ride, regardless of the conditions.

Additionally, the roll cage features three whip/flag tabs, creating secure mounting points for safety flags or whips. This increases your vehicle's visibility during group rides or races, promoting safety for all participants.

To sum it up, the VooDoo Roll Cage embodies a fusion of strength, precision, and style. It's your ultimate co-pilot for exhilarating desert adventures, promising not only your safety but also amplifying your desert style statement.


  • Fits Polaris RZR XP, XP Turbo, & Turbo S 4-Seater
  • .120 wall DOM tubing /   OD 1.75
  • includes removable dash bar
  • includes aluminum roof
  • includes 3 whip/flag tabs
  • includes grab handles
  • Part# RZRS41012

These cages are built to order. Build generally takes 4-6 weeks depending on options. 

***We DO NOT Ship Powder Coated Cages*** Do to the high probability of finishes getting damged during shipping we can only ship raw cages.

***No Residential Shipping*** Do to the size of the cages and the size of the skids that they ship on on we can only ship to comercial addresses with a forklift or loading dock.

Flat rate freight shipping starts at $750 per cage, see shipping policy for details. Or will call from our Hurricane, UT location.