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VooDoo Front Bumper For The Polaris PRO R & Turbo R 

Safeguard the front end of your PRO R / Turbo R with our robust and elegantly designed Polaris Front Bumper. Conceived with an emphasis on strength and style, this RZR front bumper ensures your PRO remains unscathed, no matter how challenging the terrain or tough the obstacles you encounter.

This Polaris Front Bumper sets a new benchmark in off-road vehicle protection. Its strong, streamlined design blends seamlessly with the vehicle’s aesthetics while providing an unparalleled level of protection. It is built to take a beating while shielding your vehicle from potential damage and enabling you to tackle even the most intimidating obstacles with confidence.

One of the unique features of this RZR front bumper is its aluminum backing plate located behind the "V". Not only does this backing plate make the "V" pop, but it's also removable, offering you the opportunity to personalize it with your choice of paint. Whether you aim to match your vehicle's color scheme or want to make a bold statement with contrasting hues, this customizable element adds a touch of individuality to your ride.

The top light mount on this PRO R / Turbo R Front Bumper is thoughtfully designed with varied slots, accommodating different light mounting options. Whether you prefer compact pod lights or a full-sized LED light bar, this mount provides the versatility to fit a range of lighting systems. Illuminate your path the way you prefer while keeping the lights secure and stable, even in the most demanding conditions.

The Front Bumper is designed to fit all 2 or 4 seat Pro-R or Turbo-R models. Its tailored fit ensures optimal compatibility and a sleek, integrated look, as though it's a natural extension of the vehicle itself.

In summary, this Front Bumper is more than just a protective accessory. It's an enhancement that combines formidable defense with aesthetic appeal and versatility. Embark on your next adventure with the peace of mind that your vehicle is well-protected and personalized to match your style.

Fits all model 2 or 4 seat Pro-R or Turbo-R.