VooDoo Can-Am X3 Cages, Built To Dominate

VooDoo Can-Am X3 Cages, Built To Dominate

Voodoo RR CanAm X3 4 Seater Roll Cage emerges as a product that stands testament to superior craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. When a rider decides to bring this roll cage into their off-roading arsenal, they are not merely investing in a safety accessory; they're welcoming a revolution.

Strength that Surpasses

One of the cornerstone qualities a roll cage should possess is durability. The Voodoo RR Roll Cage is constructed from .120 wall DOM tubing. This material, recognized for its outstanding strength and durability, assures that the cage stands resilient against all the odds the wild presents. With an outer diameter of 1.75 inches, the cage aligns seamlessly with the CanAm X3’s structure, showcasing an integration so perfect, it not only safeguards but also elevates the vehicle's visual appeal.

A Dash of Customization

In the world of off-roading, every rider has a unique journey, and every journey has its distinctive demands. Catering to this individualistic nature of off-roading adventures, the Voodoo RR Roll Cage introduces a removable dash bar. This feature is more than just a safety addition. It becomes a bridge between the rider’s needs and the vehicle’s adaptability. Whether there's a desire for easy access to the interiors or the accommodation of other vital accessories, this dash bar translates those needs into reality.

Comfort in the Wild

While the roar of the engine and the thrill of exploration form the essence of off-roading, the need for comfort cannot be overlooked. Understanding this, the roll cage comes equipped with grab handles. Strategically placed, these sturdy handles provide passengers with a firm grip, bestowing an extra layer of safety, especially when navigating challenging terrains. With these handles, riders and passengers can confidently venture into unknown terrains, making every ride an unforgettable odyssey.

Shield Against the Elements

In off-roading, the vehicle isn’t just contending with the terrains but also with the unpredictable elements of nature. The Voodoo RR Roll Cage steps up once again with its included aluminum roof. Crafted from high-quality, lightweight material, this roof not only grants protection against nature's whims but also imparts a sleek appearance to the CanAm X3. It’s an embodiment of how functionality can co-exist with style.

Flaunt with Flair

The thrill of riding isn’t just in the journey but also in the statements made along the way. The Voodoo RR Roll Cage, with its three whip/flag tabs, offers riders the flexibility to display their flags or lighted whips with panache. Designed for firmness, these tabs ensure that no matter how challenging the ride gets, the flags or whips remain steadfast, adding to the vehicle's charisma.

Craftsmanship Par Excellence

Every Voodoo roll cage is a labor of love, handcrafted with precision that reflects in every curve and weld. Built to withstand the extremes, these cages assure that even if there's a rollover, the machine can be set back on its wheels to continue the adventure. Such is the trust vested in VooDoo's roll cages, underlined by their unwavering commitment to quality.

Features at a Glance:

  • Perfect fit for Can-Am X3 4 Seater
  • Made from durable .120 wall DOM tubing with OD 1.75
  • Enhanced customization with removable dash bar
  • Safety-enhanced grab handles for a secure grip
  • Lightweight, protective aluminum roof
  • Three whip/flag tabs for displaying flags or lighted whips

The Voodoo RR CanAm X3 4 Seater Roll Cage encapsulates this spirit, making it more than just a safety accessory. It’s a holistic upgrade, a promise of unmatched durability, unparalleled functionality, and undeniable style. In the world of off-roading, safety doesn’t have to come at the expense of style or functionality. With the Voodoo RR Roll Cage, every rider gets to experience this trinity in its finest form.